Looking to reach key industry gatekeepers? Want to increase category awareness? Not sure how to educate consumers? These are just some of the varied activities that an ambassador can do for you.

May has a proven track record working independently as well as supporting existing public relations efforts. With experience representing regions that span Alsace to Armagnac and Champagne to Port, May brings a wealth of experience to any ambassador role.

Sample Activities:

  • Increasing product placement
  • Forging loyal industry relationships
  • Organizing trade/press trips
  • Presenting at industry events
  • Leading master classes
We gave May a difficult mission: manage a restaurant education program for Wines of Alsace,
and we set the bar pretty high. We wanted to educate the staff of new, trendy restaurants.
May did a remarkable job of enlisting these, creating materials that would be appropriate and
impactful, and hosting the classes. The sommeliers all raved about her excellent approach to
wine education, and our secret shopper program a few months following the classes showed that
the staff had retained the key points. In addition, she was a pleasure to work with, wrote detailed
reports, and was a true ambassador for the Wines of Alsace
— Stephanie Teuwen, President of Teuwen Communications.